Friday, September 29, 2017

Lets get those creative juices flowing!

October 1st is this Sunday and the first real day of DreadTober. Get those brushes, knives and bottles of glue ready... it has almost begun.

Who else is excited to get this show on the road? So far we have 22 people signed up! Spread the word! I'm looking forward to seeing all the work that is going to start being cranked out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hey guys! The first day started to fill the ranks pretty quickly! I just finished adding the Participants (*so far) to the page and anyone who listed a Blog was added to the roll. 

I added you if you commented but please send in the email as well so we can get all the info and confirm the addition and then images can be sent over and be added! Help me help you! haha

I know some people might be worried about not finishing but even taking part is awesome!! .. lets see what everyone's got going on!!! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

DreadTober 2017

Welcome to DreadTober 2017

Hello All! Well it's almost October again and Greg, Joe and I (Todd) have been working on getting another years DreadTober Setup! If you haven't taken part before and have no idea what DreadTober is let me write out a quick history. At the Nova Open 2015 Greg and I came up with the idea of everyone working on a Dread of some type during the month and keeping track of the progress as a group event that anyone could take part in. This would promote communication and create new friends. Joe took it over last year as Greg and I were both wrapped up with life stuff. This year we are all going to coordinate to run it again!

We created a separate blog site this year for it so we can all update the information easier. So this is the kick off for the event, if you want to participate please use the contact button on the right or email us at

DreadTober at gmail dot com

.. Trying to limit the amount of Spam we get.. 8)

In the email include your name, Project you are going to work on and a website/blog if you want us to list it. Also include a picture of the work. We'll update the participants page and we'll post up some updates posts as it goes on with a Friday wrap up.

I made up a new image for 2017 and made a few banners if any wants to add them to promote DreadTober!

Sign up and lets crank out some Dreads... or equivalent models (aka Wraithlords, Tau Battlesuits, Large Daemons,... etc.)