DreadTober 2020 Participants


Name: Dave

Project: Tyranid Tyrannofex (plus weapon options)

Blog: 40kaddict.uk

Name: Dave

Project: Death Guard Leviathan (Redemptor conversion)

Blog: dadhammer40k.blogspot.com and@borsil1981 on Instagram

Name: DaveM

Project: 1st Legion (Dark Angels) Leviathan Dreadnought

Blog: http://262krieg.blogspot.com/

NAME: Neverness

PROJECT: Black Legion Hellbrute.

BLOG: https://nevernesshobby.blogspot.com

Name: Rory

Project: Contemptor-Galatus (Custodes of the Damned)

Blog: https://steppingbetweengames.com/ and @macantsagart on Twitter

Name: Ed

Project: Legio Fureans Warbringer Nemesis Titan

Blog: https://berserkerbladeblog.blogspot.com/

Name: Siph 

Project: Space Marine 

Leviathan Blog: https://weemen.blogspot.com/

Name: Doc

Projects: Leviathan Dread and Reaver Titan for Titanicus

Blog: www.code40k.blogspot.com

Name: jabberjabber

Project: Contemptor Mortis for Shattered Legions (Salamanders)

Blog: http://warpstoneflux.blogspot.com

Name: Joe

Project: Trio of Talos (tres bien!)

Blog: joesavestheday.com

Name: David

Project: 2nd Edition Imperial Fists Dreadnought

Instagram: @3dfoundry

Name: Agis

Project: Custodes Achillus Dreadnought

Blog: http://agis40k.blogspot.com/

Name: Celso Mendez (Celsork)

Project: skorpekh Lord

Instagram: @celsork

Name: Greggles

Project: Triarch Stalker (Probably a Doom stalker too, we'll see!)

Twitter: @3dgreg

Instagram: waaaghgreggles

Blog: feedyournerd.com

Name: Cylde 

Project: Eldar Wraithlords

Blog: https://mastodontica.blogspot.com/ and @cyldear on Instagram

Name: Azazel

Project: Celestial Lions Dreadnought

Blog: Azazel's Bitz Box

Name: Floyd Lawton

Project: Red Corsairs Hellbrute

Name: Mike Munson

Project: Chaos Knights, Dreadnoughts and Hellbrutes

Name: TheFallen Star 

Project: Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought

Name: M4cr0Dutch

Project: Imperial Knight Preceptor "Achilles" Aeternum

Blog: http://oldschoolg4m1ng.blogspot.com/ and @m4cr0dutch everywhere else

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