Saturday, November 6, 2021

DreadTober 2021 Week 4 (Part 2): Wanted Dread or Alive


Hi folks,

Here is the second part of our final post for DreadTober 2021. Thanks to Doc from Code40K for the awesome Leviathan Dread featured in today's post banner! Let's take a look at the remaining projects that were completed by the deadline on October 31st:

Name: Mike

Project: Inquisitorial Sentinel

Mike has out in a huge effort to get this sentinel finished in time for the deadline. The ghoulish freehand on the front armour is fantastic!

Name: Mike
Project: Eldar Dreadnought

Instagram: grimslath

Mike has completed this majestic Eldar Dreadnought. The work on the gems is lovely and the banner really drives home the classic Eldar scheme.

Name: Rich
Project: 2nd Ed. Blood Angels Dread
Instagram: thetalldwarf

Oh my heart. This old school Blood Angels Dreadnought is enough to bring a bloody tear to this old school gamer's eye. A gorgeous finish to a classic sculpt, bravo!

Name: Cylde
Project two primaris redemptor dreadnoughts
Instagram: cyldear

Cylde painted a pair of gorgeous Redemptor Dreads for the challenge this year, then backed it up with a very cool sentinel. Check out the pilot; such an impressive result, bravo! 

Name: Devin
Project: 2 War Dog Knights AND Chaos Knight Magaera.
Site: MeWe 40k group.

Devin had big plans for DreadTober this year, but things didn't quite go as planned (let's face it, they rarely do!).  He still managed to complete this excellent Armiger Warglaive with a creepy skull face, great work!

Project- Chaos Dread

This project is a clear demonstration of how classic aesthetics can still give us nightmares. Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition Chaos figures set the tone for decades of heresy and this project is a joyous homage to those groundbreaking designs.

Name: Rich S.
Project: Blight Hauler
Blog: Warhammer 40K group on MeWe

Rich has become pretty famous in the 40K MeWe group for painting amazing Nurgle-themed models (amongst many any other projects). I always use a vomit emoji for them and I have always been faintly concerned that he may think it is because I don't like them. I LOVE them, but they are gross! This Blight Hauler is an excellent addition to his collection.

Name: Allen
Project: Deathwing Redemptor Dreadnought
Instagram: Malis_hobbyspot

Allen has completed this very characterful Deathwing Dreadnought. I have been holding off getting a Redemptor, as I prefer the older aesthetic, but looking at this I can feel my resolve seriously wavering. Perhaps for DreadTober next year? Beautiful work, Allen!

Name: Elvis
Project: Legion of the Damned Dreadnought


Elvis used a bunch of new techniques to bring this Legion of the Damned dreadnought to life. You can almost feel the heat...

Name: Floyd Lawton
Project: Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought

Floyd has added an incredible amount of detail to this Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought. I am terribly biased, but this is still my favourite project of DreadTober 2021.

Name: Duane
Project: Ork Dreadnought
Site: MeWe 40k group

Duane is the owner of the 40K MeWe group and has created a really positive community there, which I am happy to be a member of. It would be a shame not to have at least one Ork Dreadnought completed for DreadTober; thankfully Duane has come up with the goods. 


Name: Will
Project: Imperial Fists Redemptor and Contemptor
Twitter: @PapaPomPaints

I think we all know how hard it is to paint yellow. These beautiful Imperial Fists Dreadnoughts are a great display of painting skill. Thanks for sharing them with us Will!

Name: Marc
Project: Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive "Achilles" Audax
Instagram: & Twitter: m4cr0dutch

I managed to get my Warglaive finished with about 6 hours to go at the end of DreadTober. I added a couple of free-hand touches to the shoulder armour and spent a good amount of time adding the Emperor's blessed verdigris. The base includes some soil from central NSW here in Australia and some laser cut ferns (...and vegetables...) from Noch. Overall, I'm very happy with the finish; it will be a welcome addition to my Walls of Ithaka army list.

If I have somehow missed your final progress shots this year, please let me know in the comments. Over the next couple of days I will be uploading photos to the 2021 Participants gallery and I would like to document as many projects as possible. I will also be updating the DreadTober blogroll, so if you haven't provided your details yet, now is the time. 

I would like to say a huge and heart-felt thanks to everyone who contributed this year. As always, your skills in modelling and painting are inspiring. I encourage you to take the time to make some connections with each other and follow each other's exploits, until we can meet again for DreadTober 2022. Thanks also to Greggles (@3dgreg),  Joe (@brknpaintbrush), Todd (Sincain40K) and Joel (Mordian7th) for starting DreadTober and laying such a strong foundation for us to continue with this challenge. 

It has been a pleasure curating your contributions this year. As a little gift for completing DreadTober, I have created this digital badge for you to display on your blog or social media account. It's not much, but it can be fun to let people know that they are visiting a fellow "DreadTober-teer".

I wish you all the best and look forward to being your host again in 2022, if the fates allow!


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

DreadTober 2021 Week 4 (Part 1): Wanted Dread or Alive


Hi folks,

We made it! Another October has passed us by and many a dreadnought has been awoken. It has been wonderful to watch all of the final posts being published around the net this week. To do them justice, I am going to split the final reveals across two posts, with a final post at the end to wrap up DreadTober for 2021. Let's take a look at what we managed to achieve this year:

Name: Agis
Project: Armiger Warglaive

Agis' "Ghost" pattern Armiger Warglaive is a haunting beast; truly the stuff of nightmares. The extensive conversion work on this model gives it a unique (and creepy...) look, whilst still retaining enough of the Armiger aesthetic for it to be recognisable. The finished project is an incredible achievement, bravo!

Name: Danforth Laertes
Project: Sister of Battle Machaenix Canonical walky-repairing-fixie-machine-with-legs
Warhammer 40K group on MeWe

Danforth's "Fixie Machine with Legs" was an immense undertaking. Not only was this walker a complicated kit-bashing challenge; painting such a large figure in one month can't have been easy! The ingenuity and commitment on display is inspiring.

Name: Dave Weston
Project: 2 Armiger Helverins

Dave's signature painting style and colour pallet verily explode off these twin Armiger Helverins. I love how unified the schemes of these models are, despite that fact that they are quite different to each other. It is the work of an army collector who knows how to push the boundaries of their paint scheme, blurring the line between what is unique and what is familiar. I'm getting poetic... it must be the verdigris...

Name: Dr the Viking
Project: space marine dread
Instagram: oldhammer_c0wabunga

Dr the Viking finished his old school Space Marine Dreadnought just in time! I have always been a fan of the "halved" paint schemes, particularly some of the classic Space Marine Chapters. I would love to see a whole army in this scheme.

Name: Neverness
Project: Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought

Neverness has completed this beautiful Venerable Dreadnought with the addition of a spectacular base. I love the use of an old school Termagant! The bright colours contrast perfectly against the grim blackness of the Dread's sarcophagus.

Name: Siph
Project: Necron Canoptek Doomstalker

Siph has nailed this Canoptek Doomstalker, which is quite an artistic departure after 5 years of Relictor Dreads. I'm always impressed when someone adds some genuine colour to Necron instead of the usual metallics. This is a great scheme!

Name: DAM
Project: Custodes Telemon Dreadnought with all the fixin's

DAM has done some beautiful painting to bring out all of the detail in this model. Telemon Dreadnoughts are impressive to begin with, but a paint job like this really brings them to life.

Name: D
Project: Macro Terminator
Instagram: langshan_hexachord

It has been a while since D has participated in a challenge like this. I have truly missed his presence and dark style. Labelling it as Blanchitsu seems too... restrictive. This model is quintessentially D. 

Name: Gerard
Project: Ultramarine Redemptor Dreadnought
Instagram: sharpegerard

Gerard scaled back his project slightly so that he could finish it on time, and narrowing his focus really paid off. The weathering and finish on this Ultramarines Redemptor is fantastic. I'm hoping to see it on the tabletop sometime soon.

Name: Joe M.
Project: Pair of Raptors space marine dreadnoughts (and maybe their Drop Pod transports...)

Joe has been working overtime to complete an expansive project for DreadTober this year, which includes two Dreadnoughts and their Drop Pod delivery services. Again, it is impressive to see such a unified scheme across multiple large models. The use of weathered yellow contrasts beautifully against the Raptor's dour olive drab.

Over the next couple of days I will work on Part 2 of this post, so that we can celebrate the hard work of everyone who managed to finish the challenge. A big thanks to Floyd from 1st Legion Chronicles, whose Red Corsairs Hellbrute features on our post banner this week. Approach with caution, indeed!