Friday, November 3, 2023

DreadTober 2023 Week 4: Dread Sun Rising (Based on the Legend of the Death Touch)


Hi folks,

With the forge-fires of DreadTober 2023 finally quenched, it is time to look back on all that we have achieved. Hobbyists from all over the internet have answered the call, to complete a Dreadnought themed project in the month of October, and to join the growing ranks of DreadTober-teers. Amazingly, we even had some people join during the very final stages of the challenge and complete their projects successfully!! The high number of completed Dreadnoughts is a testament to the skill and determination our little crew, and for that I salute you all. I have to say I have been blown away by the contributions this year.

Let's take a look at our creations: 

Name: Da Masta Cheef
Project: Black Dragons 5th Company Ballistus Dreadnought

Da Masta Chief has brought this fantastic Black Dragons Ballistus Dreadnought to life. As part of the 21st "Cursed" Founding, and from Salamanders gene-stock, it is fitting to see some outgrowths of bone to represent the characteristic mutations of this Chapter. I particularly love the decal work and the alien foliage on the base finishes the project of nicely.

Name: Neverness
Project: Death Watch Dreadnought (that's right, a classic boxnaught!).
Twitter/X: @Neverness8

Neverness has completed this classic Death Watch boxnaught, equipped with a glowing multimelta. Burn indeed!! The green targeting lens is a neat addition and who doesn't love a red stripe?! As a dyed-in-the-wool 3rd Company Dark Angels collector, I am probably biased in that regard 😅

Name: XarfaiEngel
Project: Blood Angels Legion Castra Ferrum Dreadnought
Stretch Goal: Blood Angels Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod
Instagram: @xarfaiengel

I was spoiled for choice when selecting photos for the final digest; this Dreadnought looks great from every angle. Check out the numbering on the back 😉 If you are a fan of 30K, do yourself a favour and go visit XarfaiEngel's blog. The Blood Angels there are some of Baal's finest.

Name: Sachiel
Project: World Eaters Legion Dreadnaught Talon (2 Boxnaughts).

Sachiel has put in a fantastic effort to get these World Eater Dreadnoughts finished in time. The conversion work on them is terrific, in the most archaic usage of the word: designed to cause terror.

Name: DAM
Project: Dark Angels 5th Company Ballistus Dreadnought
Instagram: @262_krieg

This model was so inspiring, I literally had it up on my computer screen as I was working on my own project. Majestic!!

Name: Agis
Project: ‘Iron Circle’ Domitar-Ferrum Class Battle-automata

I am a huge fan of Agis' Legio Cybernetica bots. Skillfully posed and painted, they bring a grim/dark corner of the 30K/40K mythos to life that is rarely seen (at least not in the gaming circles I frequent). Awesome work!!

Name: Thousand Eyes
Dread: Legion of the Damned Redemptor
Instagram: @steppingbetweengames

Thousand Eyes has nailed this Legion of the Damned Redemptor. Perfection 🔥💀🔥.

Name: Cylde
Dread: Bjorn the Fell-Handed (metal) (Atlantida colours)
Instagram: @cyldear

Completing our first rendition of Bjorn the Fell-Handed, Cylde has used his own unique colour scheme to great effect. I love the dog on the base 😍

Name: Dave Weston
Dread: Tyranid High Rule Dude and 2 Screamer Killers if I'm a good [or naughty] boy!

Dave has absolutely blown this DreadTober out of the water. Three photos is not enough to do his contribution justice this year, so go and check out his blog. These Tyranids are painted in his custom Hive Fleet paint scheme and will be excellent contributions to an already amazing collection of beasties.

Name: Sincain - Todd
Dread: Raven Guard Contemptor

Sincain finished this Raven Guard Contemptor nice and early, so in this post I'll reveal some of the rad weapon options that were also completed. I am pretty sure plasma cannon is my favourite, but I am very biased when it comes to plasma.

Name: David Hardy
Project: Ultramarines Ballistus Dreadnought, 2nd edition style.

I champion of old school 40K, David has smashed this Ballistus out of the ball park with its ultra clean, classic, paint scheme. Oh my heart 😍

Name: Wachtmeister
Dread: Bjorn the Fell handed, also in glorious metal!

A veteran and "curse-breaker" of the 2nd Edition Army Challenge, Wachtmeister pulled out all stops to complete his rendition of Bjorn the Fell-Handed in time. 

Name: D
Project: Nastrond "arts and crafts" dreadnought
Instagram: @langshan_hexachord

D has a way of crafting the impossible and making it look like it belongs (and more). This grim/dark, organic Dreadnought pushes the artistic boundaries of our medium, which I am so grateful for. Thanks D!

Name: WestRider
Project: Finish the 40K scale Vulture BattleMech that I tried to do for my entry back in '19.

Arrrrgh!!! I am so excited about this model. WestRider managed to finish this museum scale Vulture (Mad Dog) from the BattleTech universe. It is one of my favourite 'Mechs and the Ghost Bears hold a really special place in my heart. A wonderful finish to an epic project; the snow was a particularly nice touch.

Name: Martin Taylor
Project: Corrupted Death Guard Dreadnought 
Instagram: @tains_miniature_painting

Martin is another veteran of the 2nd Ed. Army Challenge and joined the DreadTober challenge in the last week. In his own words: 

"Participating in DreadTober has been something I have wanted to do for years but life has insisted on getting in the way each time. It has once again attempted to do so, but not this year I decided. Like Mortarion himself in his greatest moment of desperation, I called out to the ruinous powers and Nurgle himself answered and granted me the vitality to continue applying the final bubonic brushstrokes to this bloated beast!

I've been working on a number of "corrupted" vehicles for my Death Guard made from models from other armies and it certainly is satisfying to add this chonky boy to the collection :) He was a badly mauled 6th Ed. dread and the sarcophagus was totally missing. With some green stuff, toothpicks, bass string and a lot of love I breathed fresh life into him but time meant I really could only attempt a speedpaint with a lot of wet blending. Hope you all enjoy and happy DreadTober everyone :)"

Name: Siph
Project: A trio of Relictors Redemptors (Redemptor, Ballistus, Brutalis).

Siph hasn't been around to participate in the usual sense, but had the dedication to schedule a bunch of awesome Dreadnought posts during the month. Siph's Relictors are always impressive, but these set the bar so high!! The decal work is particularly, stonkingly, good. Anyone who does an Imperial Knight as a bonus on DreadTober deserves some kind of medal. If you can believe it, Siph has even more Dreadnought posts to show everyone, so check out the blog for more!!

Name: Danforth Laertes
Dread: Rubble-clearing Dreadnought constructed by Richard Maze-Wall of the Winter Lions to help excavate the reputed Tintagel fragment of Caliban (probably it's just an asteroid, lol)

Danforth hit some snags on his way to completing this, very detailed, Dreadnought conversion. I don't think he quite finished painting it, but his progress was still impressive. If there are any further updates I'll post a finished shot in the participants gallery.

Name: Nick Mutton
Project: Tyranid Psychophage
Social Media: MeWe Warhammer 40,000 member

Nick completed this psychophage about halfway through the challenge and posted in on the Warhammer 40,000 MeWe group that I run. It is such a wonderfully gribbly model, with a really cool, easy paint scheme. Bravo!!

Name: Mike Munson
Project: Salamanders Ballistus Dreadnought
Social Media: MeWe Warhammer 40,000 member

In what has turned out to be the year of the Ballistus, Mike's striking colour scheme really sets it apart. So bright and green!!

Name: Marc
Project: Dark Angels Ballistus Dreadnought
Instagram and Twitter: @m4cr0dutch

I was working right up to the wire on this Ballistus Dreadnought, adding the final coat of matte varnish on the morning before the deadline. This dreadnought will join my growing 1000 pt Dark Angels 3rd Company list, for a crusade campaign I am playing with my mates. Most of the colour choices I have made are based on the classic 2nd Edition Dark Angels Dreadnought box art (apart from the exhausts at the back, which should be red). The base matches my other urban combat Dark Angels; no Goblin Green this time. 

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who has participated in the challenge this year. Your efforts and camaraderie have been inspiring, pushing us all on to achieve our best, particularly when the going got tough!

A special thanks goes to Dave Weston from Confessions of a 40K Addict , who designed the cool DreadTober banner again this year. DreadTober simply wouldn't be the same without him (I don't have the skills 😅). He has designed a badge for us all to display on our blogs to celebrate completing the challenge in 2023; feel free to display it with pride!!

My next job will be to set up the 2023 participants gallery. If I have missed you in this Week 4 digest, please let me know and I will make sure your efforts are immortalised in the gallery. If there was a project you particularly enjoyed, please let us know in the comments as well!!

As always, it has been my pleasure to be your loyal curator of Dreadnoughts this year. I hope to see you all again for DreadTober 2024.

See you across the table,