DreadTober 2017 Participants

DreadTober 2017 Participants 

Participant: Todd Sherman
Project: Raven Guard Leviathan Dreadnought
Blog: www.sincain.com

Participant: Caladaris
Project: Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought - I will be working on a primaris redemptor dreadnought, although there is a twist to this as I will be converting it for the glory of Nurgle.

Participant: Dean Kelly
Project: rogue Trader Contemptor dreadnought as a Heresy Death Guard Contemptor

Participant: Marc van Holst
Project: Tyranid Carnifex
Blog: NA

Participant: Sicarius
Project: Hellbrute
Blog: NA

Participant: Cameron Davidson
Project: Harlequin Wraithlord
Blog: NA

Participant: Erik Noble
Project: Erik has a lot of options... which one will he pick?
Tumblr: - crossbowroof.tumblr.com

Participant: Mike Schreiner
Project: Foetid Blight Drone

Participant: Patrick Hau
Project: Salamanders Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought

Participant: Dave G
Project: Dreadnought and maybe another Leviathan Dread

Participant: Dave Mary
Project: Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight

Participant: Mordian7th
Project: SoH or Osiron Dreadnought
Participant: Naf Naf
Project: Leviathan or/and Deredeo Dreadnought

Participant: D Power
Project: Sagodjur Fjorlag Leviathan Dreadnought
Site: NA

Participant: Team Stepping between Games
Edwin - Resecued Dreadnought!
Dessie - IG Sentinel
SilverTabby - Carnifax Brood
Baz - IG Sentinel
Svartmetall - IG Armored Sentinal
Rory - Hellbrute

Participant: Siph Horridus
Project: Relictors SM Deredeo Dreadnought

Site: http://weemen.blogspot.com/

Participant: Klendathu (Sean)

Project: Alpha Legion Contemptor

Site: http://www.l33tlike.us/

Participant: Eric Leive
Project: The name of my project is the Mhara Gal 2.0.  I plan on taking a Mhara Gal model from Forgeworld and heavily convert it: Face modification, turn it into a quadraped.

Site: https://plasticresinmetal.com/

Participant: Ed O'Malley
Project: Ad Mech Onager Dunecrawler - I will be magnetizing the
weapon options and could really use the push to get the project done!

Participant: Mike Wilster
Project: I will be painting a Morkanaut and Killa
Site: dagreenskins.blogspot.com

Participant: Dave Weston
Project: IG Sentinals
Site: http://www.40kaddict.uk/

Participant: Kevin D

Project: 2x IG sentinels; focusing on finalizing colors and practicing a few techniques I need to get started on the baneblade I have planned for after.
Instagram: little.plastic.people

Participant: Joe Baird
Project: Ork Deff Dread

Participant: WestRider
Project: A lot of Dreads that need to be finished up!

Site: http://cascadiangrimdark.blogspot.com

Participant: Konrad Huber
Project: Death Guard Hellbrute
Site: https://twitter.com/DerGreenNinja

Participant: Azazel
Project: 2 Dreads and a Daemon Prince
Site: https://azazelx.com/

Participant: Dave Kelsall
Project: attempt to get as much done on 4 carnifexes as possible
Site: NA

Participant: Sav Gaglio
Project: Harlequin Dreadnought

Participant: Clyde
Project: Venerable Dreadnought
Site: https://mastodontica.blogspot.com

Participant: Grenn Dal
Project: Nid Toxicrine
Site: https://xenoftw.blogspot.com

Participant: Kushial
Project: I've got my first post up on the 1st and second post should hopefully be up Thursday.  I'm looking to get 2 Dreads painted, my old Eddie Dread rebased and painted, and I'm going to be assembling and hopefully painting my new Pimaris Dread.  Ambitious I know, but let's see if magic happens (officially sanctioned non-traitor magic of course)
Site: http://lionsofharlech.blogspot.com/

Participant: Dr. Gumby
Project: I hope to finish 3 Space Wolf dreds that have been gathering dust :)
Site: http://code40k.blogspot.co.uk/

Participant: Dave S.
Project: Inquisitorial tomb engine (converted dreanought and scenery bots).
Site: www.plasticresinmetal.com

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