Thursday, November 2, 2017

DreadTober 2017 Follow Up

Since there was a little time yesterday I wanted to give people the final hours to wrap it up.. we got a few more final completions ..

Kevin David -

Very nice looking Sentinels with a just the right amount if grime. Well done..

Cylde Ar -

An awesome looking Venerable Dread from his Atlantis chapter. Some very awesome blends and a nice crisp look, very nice man!

Joe -

Joe finished up his Contemptor Dread and did some nice work on his base! Well done man.

Take care all...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

DreadTober 2017 Final Showcase!

DreadTober 2017 Final Showcase

Well... October has come and gone and along with it so too has DreadTober. We had a lot of awesome projects started and most were able to complete them by months end. If you weren't able to finish up it's not a big deal.. it's awesome that everyone takes part and I hope it helped motive people. It's more of a community project that helps people reach out and make some new friends or find some new awesome blogs.

I put together the completed (plus those pretty close) and made up the final showcase of the work.. Please give their work a look see .. you won't be disappointed!

His GeneCult Sentinals came out looking unique and awesome! Very cool look and lots of added details.

WR painted a ton and everything came out looking very nice! Top notch progress..

He also did a ton and knocked out a bunch of SW Dreads.. the last and final but definitely not the lease .. Bjorn! Very nice metal work!

Bessy - His Sentinal is all wrapped up and ready to rock.

Svartmetall - He went with a Camo Sentinal with some nice weathering ready to spark up that flamer and melt the foes of the Imperium.

Baz - Finished up his banner waving Sentinal! Looking good!

Silvertabby - Sadly didn't get it 100% complete but hey it looks good! .. liking the way the skin turned out. Very nice work!

Rory - His Hellbrute Oathbreaker is ready to take field and make his presence noticed to the ruinous powers in the Long War!

Grenn Dal -

Wrapped up his Toxicrene stopping on a Nightlord who found out what terror really looks like.

SincaiN -

The Leviathan Dread is huge! I loved the look of the model and I'm pretty happy with him. There is still a little more to do on him and I didn't want to rush it so I had to call him done for now.

Joe -

Joe finished up an awesome looking Ork Dread! The weathering and color scheme look great!

Siph Horridus -

Siph finished up an awesome piece that tells a great story just but looking at it .. nice work man I'm really into it!

Kushial -

Another guy that took on a large project and rocked it out! Nicely done man!

Da Masta Chef -

His Salamanders Dread came out looking awesome.. I love the gritty look! Sorry bud I was having some issues with the emails. 8( ... But you are in the final showcase!!!

Neverness -

He painted up an original Ork Dread! Nice old school model and it came out looking sweet!

Dave Mary -

Dave painted an amazing looking Dreadknight, you really have to check out his blog to see all of the awesome details in the model.

Mordian 7th -

Another sweet 1K Son Dread from Mordian! He said he didn't know if he had time and then it was done a week later!.. He is Rock and Roll.

Ed OMalley -

Ed's Dune Crawler came out great.. the color and technique really makes the model pop!

Dave G -

Dave loves Dreads as you can see and he had a bunch of work to do.. he knocked out some lovely dreads as well as working on his Armies on Parade entry. Check his board out.

Mike Wilster -

Mike finished up his Morkanaut and it came out looking nice!.. Ready to stomp some humies...

I hope everyone had a good time this year. Sorry if I missed anyone! It was tough to keep up with updates as they were on numerous platforms haha.. Thanks to everyone who sent me over notifications of updates it really helped! If I missed your work on the final showcase please let me know and I'll do a follow up tomorrow but I'm cutting it off at tomorrow! October was crazy busy for me and November looks to be even crazier ..

So thanks again for everyone who took part this year!