Wednesday, September 26, 2018

DreadTober First Update

Hey all.. We already have some sign ups and I've gone ahead and added everyone so far for to the participants list. Once October starts and the pictures start going up we'll be adding some of the pictures to the list.

Yesterday I also only really wrote it's coming and how to enter but there may be some new people that want to enter and aren't sure what they can enter..  it's pretty much any Dread / Walker / MC .. a model bigger then normal single models... so if you have something that's been sitting in the closet or in a box or just on a shelf that looks at you sadly.... forlornly ..  as you pass by and reach for some other model.. maybe it's their time! "Out there it's their time.. but here, here .. it's our time". Or maybe it's that brand new shiny model that you've always wanted and now have a reason to get and paint.. DO IT .. DO IT NOW! (Best Arnold voice).

So again.. post a comments


Also when there is an update let us know so we can grab some pics and post them up..

Now I have to go digging in some boxes to find my Dread.. which will be fun (not really) as most of my model stuff is still in boxes after the move haha....

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

DreadTober 2018 is coming!

Hey Peeps.. it's almost October and you know what that means! It's DreadTober!!!!

This year Joel ( ) and I are going to work on getting this all updated. Sorry it's coming in a bit late but we were trying to figure out how we were going to handle it.

If you are in, Post in the comments and we'll add you to the list, we need your name, project and site you are posting the updates to!

Example :

Name: Todd S
Project: Raven Guard Contemptor -

Lets do this!

Oh and here is a banner if you want to use it ..
Normally I draw something but this year I had to make do with a tweaked pic of one of my models haha...