Friday, October 5, 2018

DreadTober First Week In !

Well the first week of DreadTober us down and it looks like people are busy getting some nice work done on their projects!

Neverness has his Dread together and Primed.. looks like it's ready for paint.

Dave M is ROCKING! .. he's got his Dread built, primed, base coat and base started..  He ain't messing around! Check his blog out for all the awesome details!
Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought WIP - adrathic destructors

Dave W has some nice progress as well on one of his Knights with some very cool base work!

Rejects of Anvilus Looks to be getting some work done.. I'm not an Instagram wizard so having some troubles getting his pictures to appear haha

Wilford has some nice progress on his Custode as well...

Kanneth is in the planning stages but it looks to be ready to start soon!

Blazmo's Conversion is really looking awesome!

And I finally felt well enough to get something done.


  1. Thanks Todd. Looks like everyone is off to good start!

  2. Replies

      First post is up and all.

  3. Egads, that's a lot of work already done. I need to get caught up.

  4. Nothing really done, but I put up a pic of the (already built and primed) Models I'm planning on painting:

  5. Some look almost completed and I’m at the priming stage!

  6. I know I'm late to the party; here's my progress pic:

  7. I posted a pic a couple of days ago and something earlier today of my Redemptor

  8. I've actually made some Week 1 progress now

  9. My progress for week 1

  10. I finished the first steps on Old One Eye.