Friday, October 1, 2021

Dreadtober 2021 Has Begun!!!

It is time to get started on those Dreadnought projects! I wish you all the best this week as you start constructing and priming your machines. 

The deadline for progress photos, posted on your nominated social media account/blog, is Friday at 11.59 pm (wherever you are in the world). That will give me time to put a progress post out next weekend. If you haven't joined the challenge yet, it is not too late. Please let me know your name*, and Instagram/Twitter/MeWe account or blog address in the comments below.

This year I am working on an Armiger Warglaive, using some custom parts from Taro Modelmaker. This little fella is going to be the final** model in my Imperial Knights army: The Walls of Ithaka. Loyal allies of my Iron Snakes, the concept for this army came from an old Spartan quote. When asked why his city lacked walls, a Spartan king once pointed to his soldiers and said "Here are Sparta's walls". The Walls of Ithaka are a small Imperial Knight House, that works closely with the Iron Snakes to defend the Reef Stars. This Armiger will be named "Patroclus" Audax, to compliment the Knight Preceptor I painted for DreadTober last year: "Achilles" Aeternum.

Does your project have a background story? Feel free to share!

* It doesn't have to be your real name, we are not trying to steal your hobby money.

** Hmmm, you know I could get a couple of Helverins...


  1. Did you only get the one Warglaive, or is there another one knocking around for a future project? I hope there are some new ones or an interim sized Knight between the Armiger and Questoris when the new Codex comes. We need more options.

    1. I bought a single Warglaive off ebay just for his project; how can Achilles rage if there is no Patroclus? :-) I am thinking of picking up a box of Helverins when I can, to add a bit more firepower.

  2. Missed the start announcement but if it is still possible I would like so sign up.

    Name: Agis

    Project: Armiger Warglaive