Wednesday, November 2, 2022

DreadTober 2022 Week 4 (Part 1): The Walking Dread


Just like that, the DreadTober deadline has arrived. Once again, it has been amazing to watch these projects come to life. The creativity and hobby expertise that has been lavished upon them is inspiring. I will be posting pictures of all of the projects over the next couple of days. This will be split across a couple of posts, so that I can spend a little extra time reading what each challenger has to say and selecting multiple photographs. Once I have competed this series of posts, I will upload everything to a new DreadTober 2022 Participants gallery. 

Let's take a look at the final progress shots from our first five DreadToberteers!

Name: XarfaiEngel
Project: Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

XarfaiEngel has been working hard to finish this Blood Angels Contemptor, weathering the heck out of it with oils. With only minor final touches to add before the deadline, I'll be checking for a final photo before assembling the 2022 Participants Gallery. As it stands, this model is already a real beauty!  I particularly love how the scroll pays homage to the challenge, featuring the date X-MMXXII.

Name: Sachiel
Project: Ork Dreadmob

Sachiel has made a tremendous effort to complete this epic Ork Dreadmob. It was an ambitious project, attempting to complete such a large collection of models, but I think we can all agree that the execution has been excellent. Bravo!

Name: D
Project: contemptor-esque chassis roll-a-lump-of-glue-in-the-bitz-box
Instagram: langshan_hexachord

D decided to build his DreadTober project out of nought but bits and nightmares. Combined with his characteristic painting style, this project takes the award for being the grim/darkest this year. A brilliant finish to a highly technical build.

Name: Agis
Project: Thanatar-Siege-Automata

Agis demonstrated such impressive modelling and painting skills in DreadTobers past, it is no wonder that this Thanatar looks so good! With some extra time at the end of the challenge, Agis began working on a Dominus Knight as well. Whilst it is not quite finished, I will certainly be following future progress on the blog; it looks wicked.

Name: Bob (BornOnBoard)
Project: Ork Deff Dred built from Kastelan Robot

Bob has finished this very fun orky conversion, a Dreadnought built from the looted remains of a Kastelan Robot. It is projects like these that really make me want to build more Orks; the possibilities are endless and no enemy model is safe!

I'm hoping to complete the second post by the weekend, depending on how busy real life gets over the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for Part 2, as we have many more amazing projects to celebrate!


  1. Great, allí of them. Waiting for the second post. After that I will publish all my dreadtobers

  2. Good show everyone. That looted castellan is particularly insane!

  3. Good job everyone. Some great Projects here.

  4. Such great work all around! Very inspiring to paint along and a great motivation!