Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween all!!!..  it's the final day of DreadTober and I see a lot wrapping it up! .. I got some more of my own done but didn't want to rush it so I haven't finished up the weathering .. but .. this month has been nuts for me so I haven't had a ton of extra time ...

Here's a look at who's finishing up ...

Siph Horridus did an awesome job on his Dread and it tells a cool story.. If you want him you have to go through me!!

Click Me  <-------- Check out his work!

Dean Kelly finishing his Dread! 

Sincain I didn't get him 100% done but he's pretty close..  I didn't get to really do much of the weathering .. but his is where he sits as of the end of DreadTober haha...

I'm going to keep going through the work and posting up completed Dreads tomorrow as people still have one more day to wrap it up.. I hope people had fun and it gave them motivation to get some dreads knocked out !


  1. Great stuff, the final showcase roll call will look impressive!

  2. Love that leviathan!!
    Managed to get all my dreads finished (emailed you a link) with a mammoth effort on the night before AoP

  3. All the entries have been excellent.

    I had a few issues related to running out of paint (which cost me a full week of painting time due to work and being unable to get to my FLGS during its opening hours) but I got 90% of my Dread done. Missed out on finishing a few final details and the base due to the delay. [I emailed you some images.]

  4. Awesome work, everyone! Really been enjoying seeing everyone's entries!

  5. I'm working on getting the final showcase together now .. everyone's stuff is looking awesome!