Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week two down and three incoming!

Hey all! I hope everyone is have fun and making some good progress on their projects!

I have returned from my Disney Vacation and yikes was it tiring! The kids loved it and we had a great time. I'm rested up and trying to get through the updates from last week.

We had a few new people join up before I left and they have made good progress!

Xeno for the Win's - Grenn Dal got some work done on his Nids Tentacles ..

WeeMen has made some good progress on his Deredeo Dread..
Dave continues to rock on his DreadKnight! it's really looking good..

I'm still catching up but I'll put out another update within a day or two..  and I need to get some work done at the table myself haha.... keep cracking on peeps !!!


  1. Loving being involved, getting my painting mojo massaged by all the good participants efforts. Really motivates me.

  2. I just randomly added another project over the last couple of days. Just out of nowhere Sunday evening had the urge to paint this Librarian Dread that's been sitting around primed for a couple of years. Just needs a little touch-up at this point.

  3. I am having fun with this project, even if my blog hasn't made it onto the blog roll yet for some reason. Should I resend my email?

  4. Actually close to completing my two Sentinels now. I've surprised myself how quick they've come along. With them done I'll be able to look at the rest of my AoP board elements...

  5. Love being part of this, great motivation seeing how others are getting one.
    That deredeo is coming on nicely, glad you painted it in subassemblies, it’s a little tricky to do after you’ve stuck it together!
    That dreadknight! That’s making me want a dreadknight...