Monday, October 23, 2017

Hitting that stride...

Hey guys .. I'm going through and trying to update all of the participants page with the latest images and man is there some nice stuff out there.. some people have even finish up a bit early..

Mortian knocked out his 1K Sons Contemptor in typical fast fashion. Looks awesome man!

Ed also knocked out his Dune Crawler and it's looking pretty sweet.. nice work!

Hopefully today I'll have all of the participant updates done. I even have some stuff of my own to post up. I've been crazy busy but want to get it finished up so I'm not slacking!


  1. I’ll hopefully have a good update for you by the end of the week... Armies on Parade this weekend!!
    Both of the above look fantastic, great inspiration

  2. Nice! Loving seeing everyone's progress - keep up the great work, everyone!

    ...oh, and it's Mordian. ;)