Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dreadtober Week Four - Dozens of Deadly Dreadnoughts!

Happy Halloween and hearty thank you to everyone who participated in Dreadtober, there were tons of awesome stompy death machines painted over the last month! Inspiring and amazing work all around, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the breadth of projects undertaken by all you fine folks. On with the pics!

Name: Neverness
Project: Blood Axe Dreadnought-

Name: Dave M
Project: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought WIP - adrathic destructors

 Name: Alexis W
Project: Either paint a Redemptor Dread and an Armiger Helverin that are already built OR build and paint a new Armiger Helverin. Haven't decided yet.

Name: Siph Horridus
Project: Forge World SM Ironclad Dreadnought

Name: Rejects of Anvilus (or Spinny on heresy30k)
Project: Death Guard Leviathan
Site: Instagram- rejectsofanvilus

Link to pics:

Name: Mordian7th
Project: House Vyronii Armigers

Name: Kevin David
Project: Imperial Guard Sentinel (1995 edition)
Instagram: little.plastic.people

name: wilfrid armstrong
project: custode telemon dreadnought, repaint a blood angels leviathan, finish a pair of blood angels box dreads
@liberalchimp (on insta)

Link to pics:

Name: Scott Ferguson
Model: Chaplain Ven Dread repaint
Site: / @brushwizard on Twitter / @ryglore on Insta

Link to pics:

Name: Kanneth Raymond
Model(s): Prodos games AVP alien King, Tyranid carnifex (repaint), Tyranid Old one eye(repaint), Leviathan dreadnought.

Name: Rory
Model: Knight Gallant

Name: Blazmo
Model: Converted 40k Skaven Sydonian Dragoon

Name Cylde
Model: Eldar wraithlord

Name: Marc
Project: Knight Errant "Theseus" Ferrum Fortis

Name: PHaughton
Model: Salamanders Contemptor

Name - Thomas
Model - Old One Eye
Site -

Name: Dave
Project: redemptor dreadnought
Site: either @dr_monkeyface on twitter/instagram or

Link to pics:

Name: Alex
Project: IV Company Ultramarine Redemptor with Lights
Site: Twitter: @starsmythe313

Link to pics:

Joe Saves The Day
Raptors Knight

Name: Erik
Project: Hawkshroud Armiger Helverin (aka Shieldbane)

I'll keep an eye out for folks posts over the next few days, and as always let me know if I've missed anyone! A fantastic job all around, happy Dreadtober, everyone!


  1. Excellent work all around! I'm going to have to go take a closer look at a bunch of these.

  2. Awesome stuff, well done everyone!

    Updated pics of my entry here:

  3. Brilliant progress and loads finished, well done everyone, more off the to-do piles (and no-one likes Farmer Giles)

  4. More get war engines! Nice work everyone. Lots of great projects this year.

  5. The Final part of this years dreadtober from me.

    Its been good to both work on stuff for dreadtober and see the progress and ideas flowing from everyone who partipated. Good work all.

  6. Great work everyone. From people who got something started to people who crossed the line with multiple entries.

    As ever on my site it was a great motivation to get stuff done.

  7. Good stuff everyone. It was a good push to make my redemptor who has been kicking around for a bit and it was nice to see other peoples builds as they went along.

    Theres some pics of Lefty on my twitter for those who don't use Instagram.

  8. Such a brilliant turn out this year. Well done everyone!