Friday, October 9, 2020

DreadTober 2020 Week 1: The Hunt for Dread October


Hi folks,

Week 1 is done and dusted! Thanks to everyone who has joined the challenge so far. It is great to see some old-hands returning for another season, as well as some new faces. Let's have a look at the progress people have been able to make and share some pledges. If you see a project that you like, please take the time to visit the blog or the account and make a connection. There are some fantastic WIP photos and articles being published that are well worth some extra time checking out.

Name: Dave

Project: Tyranid Tyrannofex (plus weapon options)


Dave's Nids are eye-popping 40K jelly candy. I'm look forward to this one.

Name: Dave

Project: Death Guard Leviathan (Redemptor conversion)

Blog: and@borsil1981 on Instagram

No progress yet, but here is a taster from Dave's Instagram account (his Death Guard look awesome!):

Name: DaveM

Project: 1st Legion (Dark Angels) Leviathan Dreadnought


DaveM has some really fine modelling skills and a fantastic 40k collection. This is his 5th year of DreadTober, which means he should get a badge... 

NAME: Neverness

PROJECT: Black Legion Hellbrute.


How's that for an unintentionally creepy-as-hell progress shot...

Name: Floyd Lawton

Project: Red Corsairs Hellbrute


Floyd and I share a great love of old school miniatures and are currently working alongside each other in the 2nd Edition Army Challenge. We are knee deep in deadlines at the moment! He has made some great progress already.

Name: Siph

Project: Space Marine Leviathan


Siph is another 5 year veteran with an amazing repertoire of hobby skills. This Dread is going to be packed full, FULL, of dakka. I'm thinking it will be a Relictors Dread, to add to his already impressive collection of stompy bots.

Name: Doc

Projects: Leviathan Dread and Reaver Titan for Titanicus


A stalwart of the hobby, Doc has already finished one pledge for DreadTober. The second looks like it will be a slower burn. The work you have seen here is just the underlying surface that will be visible after weathering, a technique I am also using (that takes me ages).

Name: James

Project: Flesh Tearers Redemptor

Instagram: @40k_take_two

No progress yet. Check out James' Instagram account for some wicked Flesh Tearer Primaris projects.

Name: Greggles

Project: Triarch Stalker (Probably a Doom stalker too, we'll see!)

Twitter: @3dgreg

Instagram: waaaghgreggles


The founder of DreadTober! Greggle's Orks, particularly his Dreads, are legendary. I usually catch him on Twitter, but he's active just about everywhere (and everywhere is better with Greggles!). No progress yet, so here is a taster:

Name: Celso Mendez (Celsork)

Project: skorpekh Lord

Instagram: @celsork

Celso is just getting back into the hobby with some Necron's; DreadTober is a great time to start! 

Name: Stompy

Project: Ork Stompa


No progress yet, but here is a recent project from Stompy's blog!

Name: Dried

Project: Space Wolves Redemptor Dreadnought

twitter : @dried

instagram : @dried_minis

Awesome, awesome, awesome Space Wolves and Adeptus Mechanicum. I can't wait to see this Redemptor. No progress yet, but these should give you an idea of what we will be seeing.

Name: Poivron

Project: Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought (only as a canvas)

Instagram: @hellborn.mermaid

No progress yet, but I am looking forward to seeing this project; it sounds unique. Here is a pic from Poivron's Instagram gallery:

Name: jabberjabber

Project: Contemptor Mortis for Shattered Legions (Salamanders)


A go-to for all things Horus Heresy, it is no surprise that we will be seeing a provocative 30K project. Salamanders out for revenge with twin multimeltas... hell yeah.

Name: Joe

Project: Trio of Talos (tres bien!)


Joe's Drukhari creations are wicked; here is some impressive early progress. I suggest you check out the blog for more progress shots.

Name: David

Project: 2nd Edition Imperial Fists Dreadnought

Instagram: @3dfoundry

David is a prolific painter of a diverse range of models.  His technique is beautiful and his taste for old school miniatures, well... let's just say he is a man after my own heart. No progress yet, but here is a glimpse of something stompy that is also kind-of yellow. I imagine his Dreadnought will be crisp, clean, bright yellow, as any 2nd Edition Imperial Fist should be!

Name: Brian

Project: Crimson Fists Siege Dreadnought

Instagram: @evilspaceelves

No progress yet, but here is a picture of Brian's previous Dread project, a Crimson Fists Contemptor, it is a beauty:


Name: Agis

Project: Custodes Achillus Dreadnought


Like us all, Agis has a bunch of things on the To-Do list! Here is an embryonic dreadnought; you've got to clean your resin folks!

Over on the MeWe Warhammer 40000 group we have quite a few folks joining the challenge. Feel free to join (I am an admin there) and get to know everyone. Here is some progress from them:

Name: Mike Munson

Project: Chaos Knight and Hellbrute (so far...)

Name: TheFallen Star 

Project: Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought

Name: M4cr0Dutch

Project: Imperial Knight Preceptor "Achilles" Aeternum


I guess that leaves me. Here are the first complete pieces of my project. 2 down, 18 to go... (and some of those are... quite large).

If I happened to miss you, or you didn't quite meet my Friday-night-watching-Bad-Boys-3-in-Sydney deadline, leave a comment below and I will do a little catch up post on Wednesday. If you would like to join the challenge, just leave me a name, project and blog link/social media account.


  1. Great job pulling all the first week introductions and progress together Marc. It was a good idea sampling other works by those who are still working on their first progress pictures.

  2. Some good stuff going on there. I'm with you guys in spirit, working on an Eldar army so its small models everywhere and those larger are more monster than dreadnought. (An avatar of Khaine and an incomplete wraithknight yay)

  3. Lots of cool stuff this year, you guys rock! I was particularly glad to see the return (not that he was ever truly gone) of Greggles!

  4. I'm late, i know. Great stuff this year.

  5. Woohoo! Great work out there so far...keep on keepin' on!

    Congrats to all.

  6. Always great to see the progress and the sheer variety of stuff is fantastic.