Friday, October 16, 2020

DreadTober 2020 Week 2: Red Dread Redemption


Hi folks,

Another week has gone and we are now at the half-way mark! I don't know about you, but that freaks me out just a little bit. My project is nowhere near 50% complete, but that is no cause for despair. A few solid sessions can make a huge difference in challenges like this. 

Once again, it has been a joy searching through everyone's blogs and social media profiles hunting for progress. Let's take a look:

Name: Dave

Project: Tyranid Tyrannofex (plus weapon options)


Some solid progress on the Tyrannofex, with first highlights on the body, some basing and great detail on the head underway.

Name: Dave

Project: Death Guard Leviathan (Redemptor conversion)

Blog: and@borsil1981 on Instagram

It looks like this Dave has nailed this project already and is on to the bonus round with some gooey Blight -Haulers. Fantastic work!

Name: DaveM

Project: 1st Legion (Dark Angels) Leviathan Dreadnought


Some amazing progress on the venerable old fella. I'm looking forward to seeing more Dark Angels heraldry go in during the next phase. And checkers. So many checkers.

NAME: Neverness

PROJECT: Black Legion Hellbrute.


This project is looking suitably brutal, with some great additions to make it unique.

Name: Rory

Project: Contemptor-Galatus (Custodes of the Damned)


Rory has been working on one of my favourite Dreadnought variants; a Contemptor-Galatus with a uniqued and spooky theme.

Name: Floyd Lawton

Project: Red Corsairs Hellbrute


Floyd has been building up the colour scheme on this Hellbrute.

Name: Siph

Project: Space Marine Leviathan


Siph has made some progress on the legs and construction/magnetization of the arms.

Name: Doc

Projects: Leviathan Dread and Reaver Titan for Titanicus


Doc has DreadTober in the bag with this amazing Leviathan Dread. The weathering is so subtle and realistic; really inspiring stuff.

Name: James

Project: Flesh Tearers Redemptor

Instagram: @40k_take_two

Construction has begun! It's never too late to get stuck into DreadTober.

Name: jabberjabber

Project: Contemptor Mortis for Shattered Legions (Salamanders)


Some burning knee action thanks to contrast paints and wet-blending.

Name: Joe

Project: Trio of Talos (tres bien!)


These evil creations are just fantastic. Steady progress on the "normalish" figures coupled with some really evocative conversion work.

Name: David

Project: 2nd Edition Imperial Fists Dreadnought

Instagram: @3dfoundry

If this doesn't press you nostalgia button I don't know what will (or you are too young...). Bright yellow, clean and old school as heck. Square base! Oh my heart. In the next stage David will be adding more depth, but this is a brilliant start.

Name: Agis

Project: Custodes Achillus Dreadnought


Do you remember that embryonic dreadnought last week...

Holy moly... go and check out Agis' blog for extra photos, this is an amazing Dread'.

Name: Mike Munson

Project: Chaos Knight and Hellbrute (so far...)

You see that cheeky "so far..." up there. Yeah, well, here's another Hellbrute from Mike.

Name: M4cr0Dutch

Project: Imperial Knight Preceptor "Achilles" Aeternum


Me, well, I got a little distracted last week. I bought my son a Deff Dread on Ebay; it was a real rescue job. Bits broken off everywhere, horrible undercoat, glue caked on, dust like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, we have been working on it together as a father/son project and we added the last touches to the base last night. It is a Dread, so it counts I guess!

That's it for the Week 2 round-up! I'm sure you agree that there has been some fantastic progress with a lot more to come. I am monitoring the progress in 7 day chunks, with a few days extra to account for late-comers and collating time (it takes... a while...). The Week 3 round-up should be next Friday (23rd October), preparing us for the final run to the end of the month. Good luck everyone!


  1. Really enjoying the progress and fair to play to some people being finished already.

    Sadly mine is missing:

    1. Fixed! I look forward to seeing how it goes, I love the model.

  2. Thanks Marc loved doing my dread this year! Good luck everyone.

  3. Good stuff.

    I don't have a blog or website but I took part in my own way:

    ^A nice wraithknight/avatar of khaine combo. (The avatar was missing a lot of bits hence the wraithlord sword)

    I have been working on these to add to my fledgling Eldar army.
    (I'm using a colour scheme I came up during a monster march a few years ago)

  4. Excellent job Dreadtober-teers! Keep going, great stuff, getting loads done this evening so my Leviathan will be a lot further along next update! :)

  5. Aaaawesome. xD I love seeing the variety here, there is such beauty in not just the separate pieces, but in the whole. Great project, this Dreadtober!

  6. Some really epic entries this year, and wow the ones that are already finished... amazing!

  7. Hi Marc, I know it's super late, but I'd like to enter my Nemesis Warbringer Titan if possible. I've just finished it and there's an article on the blog: