Saturday, October 24, 2020

DreadTober 2020 Week 3: Dread Hot Chilli Peppers


Hi folks,

With week 3 behind us, we are now in the final stretch to the finish. For some people, that means a lot of painting over the next couple days! For others, it may be just enough time to add a bonus Dread to their pledge. Let's take a look at what everyone has been able to achieve so far. If you see something that grabs your attention, please consider checking out the blog link/account and making a connection with the hobbyist.

Name: Dave

Project: Tyranid Tyrannofex (plus weapon options)


Dave has been cracking on with the highlights on his Tyrranofex, which is an enormous task. He has also started work on the weapons options as well.

Name: Dave

Project: Death Guard Leviathan (Redemptor conversion)

Blog: and@borsil1981 on Instagram

Dave finished his projects early this year, including a deliciously gribbly Death Guard Leviathan and some Blight-Haulers.

Name: DaveM

Project: 1st Legion (Dark Angels) Leviathan Dreadnought


As promised, DaveM has been working on the finer details of his Dark Angels Leviathan, including some great work on the checkers that are so characteristic of Pre-Heresy 1st Legion figures. This is going to look amazing when it is finished.

NAME: Neverness

PROJECT: Black Legion Hellbrute.


Neverness has been wrestling with the new Blogger interface and piecing together this boss looking Hellbrute. It looks to me like it is close to being finished; fantastic!

Name: Rory

Project: Contemptor-Galatus (Custodes of the Damned)

Blog: and @macantsagart on Twitter

Rory has been working some free-hand into his Contemptor-Galatus and it is as creepy as heck. Hopefully, it will be all finished in time for Halloween.

Name: Ed

Project: Legio Fureans Warbringer Nemesis Titan


Ed has flown in under the radar and dropped this bomb on DreadTober. A fantastic display of firepower and free-hand artistry. Check out his blog for more photos!

Name: Siph 

Project: Space Marine 

Leviathan Blog:

Siph has finished his Relictors Leviathan Dreadnought, and it is a cracker. I would hate to be on the receiving end of those twin Grav-Flux Bombards!

Name: Doc

Projects: Leviathan Dread and Reaver Titan for Titanicus


Doc has already finished his projects for this year, so here are another photo of his amazing work. Enjoy!

Name: jabberjabber

Project: Contemptor Mortis for Shattered Legions (Salamanders)


Jabberjabber has finished a Salamanders Contemptor Mortis and it is hot

Name: Joe

Project: Trio of Talos (tres bien!)


If you have read the other weekly progress reviews, you will already know what I think about these Talos. The photos speak for themselves; check out the blog for more.

Name: David

Project: 2nd Edition Imperial Fists Dreadnought

Instagram: @3dfoundry

If you were playing 40K back in the 90's this project will be sure to hit you square in the feels. The bright colours, wonderfully saturated yellows, subtle shading, chunky assault cannon, the gorgeous banner and that goblin green square base... I think I may cry.

Name: Agis

Project: Custodes Achillus Dreadnought


Agis posted a terrific Achillus Dreadnought last week, which I will feature again in the final round-up. To back up this effort, Agis has finished an Armiger Hellverin with some really cool free-hand patterns. This model is one of six in the collection, which I will also try to share with everyone when they get based.

Name: Celso Mendez (Celsork)

Project: skorpekh Lord

Instagram: @celsork

Celso has been very busy getting back into the hobby and has already knocked his project out of the ball park. Makes me want to paint some Necrons...

Name: Greggles

Project: Triarch Stalker (Probably a Doom stalker too, we'll see!)

Twitter: @3dgreg

Instagram: waaaghgreggles


Greggles has added a new spyder to his Necron force.

Name: Cylde 

Project: Eldar Wraithlords

Blog: and @cyldear on Instagram

Cylde is working on a pair of cosmic themed Eldar Wraithlords.

Name: M4cr0Dutch

Project: Imperial Knight Preceptor "Achilles" Aeternum

Blog: and @m4cr0dutch everywhere else

This week I have been working hard on my Imperial Knight Preceptor. I have been focusing on the external armour panels and fiddly bits, including some free-had on the shoulder armour. All of my Knights have some kind of creature displayed on their shoulder; for this knight I have painted a stylised lion. The inspiration came from this quote from Homer's The Illiad:

Achilles glared at him and answered, "Fool, prate not to me about covenants. There can be no covenants between men and lions..."

Thanks to everyone who has finished their projects already (congratulations!), or those who have been posting progress during the week. As we make our final run towards the end of the month, I will be working hard to include as many people as possible. If I have accidentally missed you, or there is something in particular you would like to bring to my attention, please leave a comment or catch up with me on social media. Good luck everyone!!


  1. Brilliant progress Dreadtober-teers!

  2. I'm not in :_(
    First post:
    Second pictures on instagram, soon on blogger

    1. I have added you to the post! Welcome to DreadTober :-)

    2. Thanks.
      Any chance to appear on the dreadtober blogroll?

    3. Yes, I will be adding a few blogs when I get a chance. I'm not on there yet, either ;-)

  3. Awesome stuff out there! So much to admire...

  4. Thanks for featuring me amongst so many awesome entries Marc! The second edition dread and the tyrannofex are my particular favourites.

    1. No worries mate :-) I just saw some new photos of the Fex and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Also, with a blog called "Old School Gaming" you can imagine how I feel about that 2nd Ed. Dreadnought!

  5. Lovely the progress and great seeing people done or nearly done already. I still have a chunk of progress to take pictures of and post.

  6. Great progress everyone. So many cool projects as always. We're almost there!