Saturday, October 9, 2021

DreadTober 2021 Week 1: The Thin Dread Line

Hi folks,

The first week of the challenge is behind us and it is time to check in on our participants to see how they faired. The first week is usually a flurry of activity and glued fingers, though it is not unusual for some competitors to get stuck into some painting as well. 

I have had a particularly busy week, so only managed to get the major sub assemblies completed with my project. If for some reason I have missed your progress shots, or you were running a bit late, let me know in the comments and I will try add your contribution this week. 

As always, if you see something that inspires you, please take a look at the participants blog or Instagram/Twitter/MeWe account and make a connection. Let's take a look at how far we got!

Name: Agis
Project: Armiger Warglaive

Agis has been working on a very unique looking Warglaive. I think it is an excellent conversion; it looks very different to a Helverin.

Name: Danforth Laertes
Project: Sister of Battle Machaenix Canonical walky-repairing-fixie-machine-with-legs
Warhammer 40K group on MeWe

Take a look at this monstrosity!! I can't wait to see how this thing looks when it is painted.

Name: Dave Weston
Project: 2 Armiger Helverins

As predicted, Dave is hitting this one out of the ball park again. He has already made some great progress, so go check out the other WIP shots on his blog.

Name: Dr the Viking
Project: space marine dread
Instagram: oldhammer_c0wabunga

Dr the Viking has been running the 2nd Edition Army Painting challenges for the past couple of years. This is first time I have seen him working on something that is not Chaos related!

Name: Neverness
Project: Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought

A solid start on this Venerable Dread; it is great to see a Deathwatch Dreadnought this year. 

Name: Floyd Lawton
Project: Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought

I think this may very well be my favourite project this year. Honour to the First!!

Name: Siph
Project: Necron Canoptek Doomstalker

Another solid start, which reminds me that I really should get cracking on my basing. These things trigger my arachnophobia...

Name: DAM
Project: Custodes Telemon Dreadnought with all the fixin's

That's a chonky Dread! I love the Telemon Dread, it is such an imposing figure. 

Name: D
Project: Macro Terminator
Instagram: langshan_hexachord

D has spent a it of time away from 40K the past couple of years. He built quite a reputation back in the Google+ days converting and painting in a distinctly Blanchitsu style. Recently, he has been working on a terrifically gothic terminator-based army using his signature style. The scale of this Macro Terminator is impressive, to say the least!

Name: Gerard
Project: Ultramarine Redemptor Dreadnought
Instagram: sharpegerard

Another awesome base!! Gerard is a mate of a mate of mine, which makes him a mate of mine too, if you know what I mean. We should really plan a game together when the dust settles on this outbreak!

Name: Mike
Project: Eldar Dreadnought
Instagram: grimslath

I know Mike has two of these things on his paint table. The Eldar painters in the 2nd Ed. Challenge have been absolutely killing it, so keep your eyes on these elegant walkers.

Name: Rich
Project: 2nd Ed. Blood Angels Dread
Instagram: thetalldwarf

Biostripped and ready to go! As a fan of all things old school, I can't tell you how much this model warms my heart.

Name: Cylde
Project: two primaris redemptor dreadnoughts
Instagram: cyldear

Another excellent start by Cylde, with a pair of vibrantly coloured Redemptors.

Name: EBPminis
Project: Chaos Dread
Instagram: EBP_mini-painting

This figure was a fan project, designed to resemble the very old school Chaos Dreadnought from the Rogue Trader era. It really hits the nail on the head and I am very excited to see this thing painted. 

Name: Rich S.
Project: Blight Hauler
Warhammer 40K group on MeWe

These Blight Crawlers give me the creeps...

Name: Randy S
Project: Ultramarines dreadnought
Warhammer 40K group on MeWe

Excellent progress by Randy, it looks almost finished!

Name: Joe M.
Project: Pair of Raptors space marine dreadnoughts (and maybe their Drop Pod transports...)

A pair of Raptors on the paint table for Joe. These dreads are going to provide some great close range and counter-charge support for a growing Raptors army.

Name: Mike
Project: Inquisitorial Sentinel

Mike has started working on a Sentinel, lavishing some extra time on building the base detail up. It looks like he has a bonus Dread in the works as well...

Name: Marc
Project: Armiger Warglaive
Instagram: & Twitter: m4cr0dutch

I have constructed the major sub-assemblies on my warglaive, including most of the conversion pieces I ordered from Taro Modelmaker. I'm loving the slender look of that power blade, as well as the more knightly looking head.

Phew! That's it for the first week. There are a couple of people who entered the challenge, but did not post any progress, so I will try to catch up with them during the week to see how they are going. 

The next deadline for progress shots is 11.59 pm on Friday, which will give me time on Saturday to piece together the Week 2 post. Good luck everyone!


  1. Apologies, one of those non-posters is me. I was working frantically on getting some AdMech painted up enough to field them in a game this week.

    1. I saw!! Those purple robes look wicked :-) If you get a progress shot up over the next couple of days I will add it to the post.

  2. Great progress so far, and an excellent start the the challenge. Quite a lot of creative work going on with the many conversions Can't wait to see the paint flyin'!

    1. It seems like everyone is off to a great start. I really need to get some paint on mine...

  3. Sorry Marc! I was late posting this week but I got a few bonus models in there:

    Looking great so far everybody! can't wait to see these begin to come alive :)

  4. Some great progress Dreadtober-teers! Shaping up for a great run this year again

  5. Replies
    1. It is so good to have some more old school projects this year. If the time was right, I would have worked on my Legion of the Damned Dread.

  6. Sorry I didn't get you an update. Ive been posting to the 40k mewe page as things have progressed. I'll try and get better.

    1. Totally my fault, I thought it was you but had a name brain-fade at 11 pm last night. I have added your progress and will stay on top of it next week!

  7. Thanks for coordinating all this Marc, it's fun to see so many cool models and everyone's different takes on what makes a good looking dread.

  8. Great to see another batch of dreads coming along. Totally forgot about Dreadtober this year myself, plus I sadly don't think I have anything to paint up for it.

    1. All good, mate. We are glad to have you with us all the same. There is always next year!